Pariksha pe charcha 2.0: PM Modi Advice to Students and Parents

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday discussed ways to handle the exam stress with students, teachers and parents in the second edition of “pariksha pe charcha” at the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi.

The Prime Minster tells students that expectations of parents and near and dear ones are natural and is good to some extent as it goads us to work harder and do better. However, he asked parents not to make achievement of their wards as a benchmark for their standing in the society. Parents should not use their children’s report card as their own “visiting cards” at social gatherings because it leads to undue pressure on the child.

PM Modi asked students to try and convince their parents about the choices they make for their career after thorough evaluation of their abilities. PM asked parents to encourage their child when he/she meets failures.

Discussing the issue of very high interest of children in online games these days, the PM asks parents to take interest in the new developments in technology and help their child to channelize their interests and energy into opportunity to enhance their knowledge and personality.


Images: Latestly