Maharashtra plastic ban: What is ban and what is not

The state-wide ban by Maharashtra government on plastic products has come into effect from Saturday 23rd June. The first time offenders will have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000. Violating the ban for a second time will incur a penalty to the tune of Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000 along with a jail term of three months for third time offence. Bringing plastic items from other states to Maharashtra will result in three months imprisonment.

Following Items are banned to be used in Maharashtra now. 

1. All kinds of plastic bags, irrespective of their thickness, (Including Dustbin liners, Plastic gloves use in serving food

2. Plastic tea cups, glasses

3. Thermocol glasses

3. Thermocol used for decoration

4. Plastic items used in hotels to parcel food like boxes, spoons, straw


Following items are not included in the ban and people can use them.

1. Plastic and thermocol used by manufacturing companies

2. Plastic and thermocol used to package appliances

3. Plastic raincoats

4. Plastic bags for storing food grains

5. Plastic bags used for packaged food items like chips, biscuits, etc.

6. Plastic items used in hospitals like saline bottles

7. Thermocol boxes used to store medicines

8. Plastic pens

9. Milk pouches that are above 50 microns in thickness

10. Plastic pouches used in plant nurseries


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