International Kite Festival 2018: the most interesting facts

When a thousand kites fill up the clear skies of winter, it is no less than a sight to behold, and this can very well be experienced in Gujarat during the International Kite Festival 2018. Attracting travellers and participants alike from different parts of the world, the festival takes place on the occasion of Uttarayan every year. Here are the most interesting facts about the International Kite Festival celebrations.

● The International Kite Festival is celebrated on the occasion of Uttarayan, sending out a message of joy at a time when the winter season starts its transition toward the summers and farmers welcome the harvesting season.

● As far as the International Kite Festival history is concerned, it is being organised in Gujarat since 1989 in the city of Ahmedabad.

● Starting on January 7 and ending on January 14, the biggest International Kite Festival attractions include flying of kites made in different shapes, sizes and colours.

● The International Kite Festival sees the participation of master kite flyers and kite not only from different Indian states but also from several parts of the world. There’s a also a competition for selecting the best kite.

Credit : happy trips