Ex-Union minister George Fernandes dies at age of 88

George Fernandes, Ex-Union minister, passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 88. He was Defense minister of India during the Kargil war and also oversee Pokharan nuclear test during his tenure. He died of old age and prolong illness.

Fernandes was born in 1930. His first stint in politics was with the Janata Party after Emergency. He was elected to Parliament and was appointed Union Minister for Industries. During his term, he ordered American multinational companies like IBM and Coca-Cola asking them to leave the country. Fernandes later joined the Janata Dal party. He served as Railways minister in V P Singh government from 1989 to 1990. He was also part of setting up the Konkan Railway project. Fernandes served as defense minister for two terms, between 1998 and 2004 with Vajpayee government. His term was eventful as it witnessed the Kargil war and Pokhran test.


Image credit – NDTV